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About Me

Hi there! My Name is Sheral DeVaughn and I am a Copywriting Consultant/Creative Freelance Writer and Editor. What that basically means is I’m a “word whisperer”...I speak the language of your brand and your customers.

I spent 15 years as an on-air radio personality, speaking to a wide range of people from all walks of life, writing creative copy for our show, and creating effective advertising copy for our various sponsors. I spent another 10+ years in the wine and spirits industry writing product descriptions, brand histories, sales sheets, and marketing/educational materials. The one common element I found that made me successful in both of those industries is knowing how to tell a great story. I’ve found that if you start with a conversation that’s fun and personable, people will stay connected with you. That connection creates loyalty, and loyalty creates success.

When I’m not creating stories that sell, you’ll find me learning new things. I’m currently a Certified Specialist of Wine in the Society of Wine Educators, and working on a Master of Whiskey designation with an emphasis in Bourbon through the Council of Whiskey Masters. It’s crazy how much there is to learn: History, Culture, Geography, Chemistry, Artistry, and a bit of magic all rolled into one. It’s a favorite hobby and a great way to socialize.

I’m also an avid outdoors fan, an endurance kayak racer, and Mom of 2 amazing daughters. Life for me is just one big adventure with a great story yet to be told.

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