Writing a Sales Email Like A Sith-Lord (Let Your Words Flow Like the Force)

Nobody tells you that owning a business requires a lot of writing.
Business is ALL about using words. Especially when trying to write for sales conversions.
So how hard can it be?
Harder than you think. Is what you're writing interesting? Is it easy to read? Would YOU want to read it? Do you find yourself dreading it or worse yet, staring at a blank page with no idea what to write?
Well young Skywalker, you've come to the right place! We've got some tips on how to write using the "force." In this case, we'll look at how to write a sales email.
But we aren't talking about young LUKE Skywalker and writing like a Jedi. We're talking Annakin (aka Darth Vader, Luke's Dad) and writing like a Sith-Lord.
I know that sounds a little scary. After all, Vader tried to destroy half the galaxy using his powers. We don't want to go quite that dark. But the dark Jedi code does seem to be a great guideline for improving your copywriting skills.
Let's look at them step by step.
1. "Peace is a lie, there is only passion."
Okay, that's a little over the top, but passion is INCREDIBLY important in good sales copy. You need to find what your audience/reader is passionate about. What's important to your customer? What are they most concerned about? What are they afraid of? What sort of objections will they raise before buying your product or service? That's where research comes in. Good copywriters spend most of their time researching to find these answers. Writing is only a small portions of what we do. Do your homework. Find out how to tap into your customers' emotions. That is how you master step one in the Sith Copywriter Code.
2. "Through passion, I gain strength."
You've done your research and discovered what your customers are passionate about. Now how to do you use that to gain strength? Through your headline, of course! Writing a strong headline is key to successful copy in a sales email. If it isn't interesting or eye-catching, no one is going to keep reading to find out what you're offering. Tap into the emotions: humor, fear of missing out, gaining knowledge others don't have. Those are few examples of how to create a strong headline. Using a tool like Headline Analyzer can help you make certain you're on target.
3. "Through strength, I gain power."
You've made it past your headline and caught your potential customer's attention. Now is where you create something powerful in the body of your text. It's not the time to start describing your product. It's time to start describing how your customer feels without it- and then how much better off they will be WITH it! Emotions are your power in the body of a sales email. If you can get your customers to "see" the value and BENEFIT of what you are offering, you are closer to making the sale.
4. "Through power, I gain victory." Again, you're keying in on how your product makes the customer FEEL. Paint the picture of how life improves once they have your product or service. It's not good enough to list the benefits, but to create a mental picture of how solving a problem makes a person feel. It could be as simple as describing how buying your product creates more free time, as an example.
5. "Through victory, my chains are broken."
The victory comes when the customer realizes how your offering benefits their life. They see the value and how having it hands them a "win." Your product solves their problem, makes their lives improved, and it's a huge value for the price. By this point in your sales copy, you've convinced your reader they both want and NEED your product. It's the secret to relieving their stress or making them happy. They gain "freedom" with your product.
6. "The Force shall free me."
This is the final rule in the Sith code, and the final step in your sales email. It is your CALL TO ACTION. Your CTA is the direction you want your customer to take. Examples are "click here to buy", "call to schedule a consultation", "sign up to receive your free download." Your CTA needs to be direct and forceful (no pun intended...or is there?) Tell your customers exactly what to do to gain the "freedom" your product offers them.
Once you master these 6 steps, you will be well on your way to becoming a copywriting Sith-Lord. You'll be ruling your sales galaxy in no time (Sorry Yoda)!
May the writing force be with you.