Want To Improve Your Business Attitude (And Sales)? Try Some Gratitude!

Gratitude is an attitude. It's an approach to the way you live and do things. It's an effort of positivity. Not only does it improve your personal life, but it can make things better in your business as well.
According to a survey done by Boomerangapp.com, a simple "thank you" at the end of a business email will boost your sales conversion rates. ("Thanks in Advance" scored best. "Best" scored the lowest.)
Why does it boost sales? It's simple.
People like to feel appreciated.
Showing your gratitude helps us to connect to our customers and clients. It's a way to show your appreciation that they gave you their time, trust, and money.
But it's also a way to connect with your colleagues and network associates as well. Building good rapport and good will makes it more likely they will make the extra effort to help you to succeed.
So what are some ways you can show your gratitude in your copywriting and copy content?
Letters of Appreciation to Co-Workers or Networking Connections
You don't have to (and shouldn't) go over the top with your expression of gratitude here. But you should be specific about WHAT you are grateful for when addressing them. It shows you are paying attention and not throwing out a thank you without meaning.
Examples of gratitude in your writing include:
  • "That was terrific advice you gave today. You rock!"
  • "Your support on this project has made all the difference in our success."
  • "Thanks for hooking me up with (insert business connection here). I owe you big time on this one."
Thank You Notes, Websites, and Emails
This time you're showing your gratitude towards your customers or potential clients. This one should be easy, since we ALL are grateful for their business.
Once again, you want to be specific with the content here. Don't write a vague statement of thanks.
Keep in mind you don't have to say "thank you" or "thanks" each time either. If you did, it would get a little redundant. There are a lot of ways to show your appreciation and gratitude.
Some examples include:
  • "I appreciate you giving me your valuable time today."
  • "Thank you for your purchase."
  • "Here's a customer success story...(give the details)"
  • "Congratulations to our client (add name if appropriate) who (tell the story).
  • "We couldn't do this without you because (add the reason)"
If you want to get creative and grab attention, add a personal video in your emails or on your website confirmation page. Even cheesy messages of thanks work!
So show a little gratitude in your copy, and watch your reasons for being grateful increase.