Should You Hire A Freelance Copywriter or Professional Services Company?

At some point over the course of time, your business is going to need copywriting for your website content, social media ads, email campaigns, or any other number of written communications.  So how do you know if you should hire an agency to handle all of your professional services or if you should hire a freelance copywriter?  Both have their benefits and their downfalls. Here's a few tips to help you decide which is best for your situation.

1. How big is your budget?  Most agencies have monthly retainer fees in addition to the large pricetag that comes with the services.  The larger the agency, the greater the price.  Some annual budgets for agency clients are in excess of $500,000.  Many smaller to mid-sized businesses don't have the resources to afford that sort of budget.  For smaller budgets, a freelance copywriter is a better option.  Freelance Copywriters tend to have smaller overhead costs and charge hourly rates or by the project.  Those savings add up, while still give you quality copywriting and creative content.

2.  Do you need a wide range of services needed to complete your project?  If you need a number of marketing and advertising services in addition to copy (graphics, photography, branding, logo design), you might benefit from hiring an agency.  These professional service providers tend to have everything under one roof and can handle larger projects using one design team to complete your project.  Freelance copywriters tend to be more specialized and stick to exceptional writing and proofreading.  One thing to consider, however, is that freelance copywriters tend to network with other reputable service providers.  They can recommend web designers, graphic artists, brand consultants...any number of professionals who specialize in each task you might need completed.  In some cases, hiring each specific professional and assembling your own customized team can still be more economical for a business owner.  The question is whether you want to let a team handle everything for you, or if you want to oversee the services as your own project manager.

3.  How flexible is your schedule?  Most agencies have set hours of operation.  They have holidays off, and typically need a set amount of time to schedule staff meetings to plan, assign, and coordinate with the various departments working on your project.  Freelance copywriters are more flexible with their time and are often able to accommodate your schedule and meet fast deadlines.  If you have a last minute deadline or a hectic schedule, a freelance copywriter most likely is your best choice.

Both choices have their pros and cons.  The question becomes which is easier for you and which fits your business best.  Both choices offer quality work and can suit your needs.  Regardless of which option you choose, your business will reap the rewards of having professionals handling your copywriting and copy content.


Sheral~ Owner/Founder C3 Specialties