READ ALL ABOUT IT! Why A Great Headline Is Crucial For Your Copy.

You spend hours putting together websites, press releases, email marketing campaigns...even company profiles.  So why isn't anyone reading them?

Chances are, it's your headline.

That one simple sentence can be the difference between sailing and failing with your customers.  According to 2020 data showing email open rates , only 2 out of 10 of your customers will ever read what you've written.

So how do you create a headline to grab attention?  Here are a few tips on how to create some "zing."

1.  Make it unique. 

After you've written your headline, read it...OUT LOUD.  Read it to your kids, your spouse, your co-worker...heck, read it to your dog.  What's the reaction?  Does it sound like something you've heard over and over again? Headlines that stand out are a little riskier, but the rewards can be fantastic.  Rather than putting your customers to sleep, you show off your personality.  Unique headlines make customers want to find out more about who you are and chances are, if they like you, they're going to do business with you. 

2.  Be Specific.

Customers are bombarded with websites, social media, and emails all vying for their attention.  Don't be vague in your headlines.  Get right to the point.  You increase the odds of generating sales because the customers will know if what you're offering is of interest to them.  Those same people will read all the way through and ultimately make a purchase.

3.  Have a Sense of Urgency.

This is where that Psychology course you took for a semester in college comes into play.  There's a portion of your brain called the amygdala that is the emotional hot spot of the brain.  When you deliver a headline that gives a scarcity of product (only 15 left!) or time (you have hours left to save!), the amygdala goes into hyper-mode and wants nothing more than to make certain you aren't missing out.  Using a headline that imparts a sense of urgency will tap into that "fear" response, and read on to find out what they're getting.  Be cautious with how often you use a headline like this or it will cause your customers to disregard your offerings in the future.

4.  Make it Useful.

Let's face it, people like being rewarded.  When you can create a headline that offers up tips and tricks, mistakes to avoid, or some other type of benefit (like this blog post is doing), it triggers the a release of dopamine in the brain (yep...more psychology stuff).  Dopamine is responsible for the sense of pleasure we feel.  When customers know there is a reward to be had, they will most likely read to the end to get that benefit being offered, and will associate the pleasure they feel with your brand.


You can see why the headline is so important to the level of success of your copy.  It can literally make or break your sales and website traffic.  So next time you get ready to reach out to your customers, make certain that headline is one that will make them want to "Read All About It."


Sheral~Founder/C3 Specialties