Falling Into the Rabbit Hole: Weekend #Wordpour

Recently I was asked why a freelance copywriter like myself was taking time to wax poetically in a blog post about whiskeys and wines.  After all, we deal with creative content, words and calls to action, finding the balance between delivering information and entertainment, and delivering the voice of brands and products.  So what could possibly connect these two seemingly different things?  Let me share a few quotes from a brand I happened to stumble upon:

"Creation is Personal."

"Bourbon is a Verb."

"Chemistry Happens when Passion and Purpose Align."

"Amplifying Creative Voices."

That sounds a LOT like the principles of copywriting to me!  And it's what inspired me to take a closer look at the modern whiskey brand known as Rabbit Hole.

Brand storytelling is meant to capture imagination and attention.  Rabbit Hole is no exception and they have a fantastic story to tell.  Owner Kaveh Zamanian fell in love with Kentucky for two important reasons: his wife Heather, who was a native of Louisville, and Bourbon.  What he didn't love was the status quo the Bourbon industry was putting out in its products.  So he gave up a successful career in Clinical Psychology and set out to deliver his own vision of what quality whiskey and Bourbon should be.  

Zamanian's family motto is Amore et Opus...Love and Work...and you see both combined perfectly in this brand.  Working along with his family, their one-of-a-kind mash bills have yielded accolades, awards, and an ever-increasing fan base who cannot get enough.  This humble copywriting consultant is the newest member of the Rabbit Hole fan club.

Tonight, I've opted to climb into the Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Straight Kentucky Rye.  Normally I'm not a big rye drinker, but this one is far more approachable than most.  Named for the  local boxing heritage, Boxergrail has only two components in its mashbill: 95% Rye and 5% Malted Barley.  Despite the name and the high rye component, it isn't as heavy of a hitter as most ryes would be, coming in at only 95 proof.  That might be why I like it though.  It's more subtle in the way it delivers its voice.  Rather than the heavy burn of higher proof alcohol, it relies on its flavors to deliver a proper message.

On the nose I get brown sugar, sweet vanilla, butterscotch candy, and just a hint of peppery spice.  On the tongue it's light.  That butterscotch definitely dances across the old tastebuds again, but I also get citrusy orange peel.  On the finish, comfortable heat in the throat, but no burn.  It's sweet and spicy, with what I would call a tea flavor in the mix.  It reminds me of an Earl Grey tea blended in with the other flavors.  It's unique and memorable, much like good copy content in writing.  This is an easy sipper and a great transition spirit if you're looking to dip your toes into the wonderful world of rye.  It also has the potential to make some outstanding cocktails...perhaps in a Whiskey Sour, an Old Fashioned variation, or if you wanted a variation on a traditional Sidecar cocktail recipe.  All in all, it's very enjoyable and I will most definitely be back for more.

Which is exactly what every brand wants to achieve when it comes to content; whether in the bottle or in your copywriting.  Keep it enjoyable and make them keep coming back.

Until next week, cheers!

Sheral~Owner/Founder of C3 Specialties

*I do not receive any compensation from the brands or businesses mentioned in my blog posts.  Any selections and opinions are solely my own.