Do You Know How To Write Right? SEO vs CopyWriting vs Content Writing

As a small business owner, you know you need to get your message across to potential customers. You also know the best way to get the most impact is by employing a freelance copywriter, SEO writer, or content creator.
But do you know which type of professional service you need?
Not all professional writers offer all 3 services, and the 3 types of writing are very different.
So how do you figure out which style of freelance copy is best for your business?
Let's break down what each type of writing each style covers.

SEO Writing

SEO Writers specialize in writing copy that gets your website noticed on search engines. They utilize specific keywords and phrases, optimized to rank higher on Google, etc.
SEO Writers research which topics are the most searched for online and narrow it down. They take this list of words of phrases for your specific business to generate more organic traffic.
This type of writing is best if you're a new business trying to get first time customers to find your business. The downside is it does not offer significant value to customers and doesn't help you convert sales. It is designed solely to drive new, organic traffic to your website.
Another downside is that overusing the list of keywords and phrases can make your copy sound unnatural.


Freelance copywriters focus their writing around generating leads and converting them to sales.
Their writing is highly persuasive and is used to highlight benefits of a product or service. Copywriting identifies the pain points of potential customers and triggers emotions within them. When they pair these pain points with the benefits of the products and services, it creates an effective means of driving sales for a business. Most often this style is shorter in its style and conveys a sense of urgency, compelling the buyer to act now.
If your business needs to increase sales and profits, this is the style of writing to focus on.

Content Writing

This type of freelance copy is often used to build a brand's reputation over the long-term. It offers value to your customer base without pushing for a sale. It establishes credibility and expertise in your industry. It educates your customer base and gives your brand a sense of authority.
Content writing doesn't focus so much on helping your website rank higher in online searches. It also doesn't create fast sales. Instead it helps your business tell its story. It builds trust and loyalty. It generates sales over the long term by being the source of answers and solutions for your customer base.
Many professional copywriters specialize in one or more of these styles. Some are able to combine the 3 for maximum effect to provide a content strategy for your business. Knowing the difference between the styles will help you improve the strength of your brand.