9 Ways Copywriters Can Save You Time, Money, And Missed Opportunities

Small businesses and entrepreneurs wear a lot of different hats daily.
One of those hats is writing copy and creating content to market your business and drive sales.
It's tough to find the time to keep up with the daily demands of writing social media posts and blogs.
Then there's the advertisements and knowing how to talk to the customers you want to attract.
Plus it seems like trends are changing nonstop.
Oh...don't forget about SEO optimization and finding the right keywords to make it easy to find you online.
That's a lot to keep up with even if you love writing copy! It's a nightmare when you DON'T like or want to do it.
Hiring a full-time employee is always an option. Or looking into a big marketing agency might work. But both of them can cost your business a good chunk of your budget.
So what's a small business owner to do?
The solution might be to hire a freelance copywriter.

Here's a look at the 9 ways hiring a copywriter can benefit you and your business.


Saves You Time In Your Business

Writing content takes up a lot of time.
Researching topics, proofreading for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Coming up with different themes and messages for websites, emails and blogs.
All these things take time away from focusing on other parts of your business.
But this IS the business of a freelance copywriter. They focus on these details so you can focus on other important parts of your work.
Copywriters are also used to working with deadlines, so they not only do the work FOR you, they get it done quickly.

Copywriters Know How To Speak To A Large Variety Of Audiences

Great copywriters know how to blend in with different target demographics.
They ask you lots of questions about your ideal customer base so they know EXACTLY who they are speaking to.
They research each group to know where they are hanging out, what they're interested in, and how they're speaking to each other.
Then they take that information and use it to craft messaging for your brand.
They blend in and use the language for your copy that creates interest and loyalty for the customers you want to attract.

Versatility In Creating Different Types Of Copy Content

Not only are copywriters able to speak to a variety of different people, they know how to do it in many different ways.
Websites and email copy will be much different from blog and social media posts. Newsletters need a different approach than sales page copy and advertisements.
Copywriters are trained to handle all of these items and more.
They know the right formatting, the right lengths, and the most effective language to use for each of them. All while staying true to your brand's voice and personality.
Make certain you hire someone well versed in delivering many different types of copy. For example, some niche writers might specialize in website copy, but don't have experience with blogs. In this case you would have to hire a second writer. Ask questions up front about the types of copy potential hires handle.

Fresh Eyes Mean A Fresh Approach For Your Copy

Sometimes you can be TOO close to a topic.
As a business owner, you're involved with everything having to do with your product or service. You know all the details, all the features, and all the technical points. No one knows it as well.
And that is where the problem comes in.
Your customers don't know everything there is to know, and they likely don't WANT to know.
They only want to know what's in it for them.
They won't understand the jargon used or the technical details you talk about on a daily basis.
A copywriter takes your information and creates messaging that an outsider understands.
They can look at your business and offer persuasive and engaging copy that appeals to those who might not know much about what you do.

Knows how to focus on value and benefits

When you're so close to your own business, you often focus on all the features of your product or service.
But customers don't care about those things (most of the time).
What they care about is how it helps them.
What problem does it solve?
How does it improve their life?
How can it make them look or feel better?
Copywriters can look at your business and key in on every value or benefit that your brand delivers.
Then they focus on the one or two that your customers are most interested in, creating content around it.
Your customers get value and discover the benefits that make them establish a bond with you.

Copywriters Can Write Persuasive Copy Without Sounding Too Much Like A Sales Pitch

Copywriting is a form of marketing to gain sales. But aggressive, pushy sales tactics don't work.
Customers are savvy, and they know when they are being pitched.
A copywriter know how to write enticing sales copy that doesn't sound like a sales push.
They use empathy, passion, and creativity to create a connection with customers.
They know the best ways to offer social proof of legitimacy for your business.
They can communicate genuine value.
Using these elements, they create copy that generates interest and leads to more conversions.

Up-To-Date With The Latest Trends And Updates

You have enough to keep up with in your industry. It's hard to know the latest changes Facebook or Google has made to their algorithms.
What's the latest craze for your target audience?
Copywriters keep up on the latest pop culture trends, search engine optimization updates, and social media tools.
They stay on top of current practices to keep you and your business from becoming obsolete online.

SEO Optimization For Your Copy

Not only do they stay on top of the latest updates and tools, but copywriters know the best way to capitalize on them.
They understand which keywords and phrases get you the best online rankings.
They know how to use them in your copy to make it sound conversational.
They also know how to keep from using TOO MANY keywords that could negatively affect your search rankings.
When optimized correctly, you get copy that is easy to find and directly targets the people you want to find you.

Save You Money

If you were to hire a full-time employee to handle your copywriting, you'd be paying salaries, overhead, and benefit costs.
When you hire a freelance copywriter, you are only paying them for the projects you need completed and the work they do.
Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Good copywriters aren't cheap, but they offer a far more affordable solution to growing your brand and delivering results.
Time and results equal more success for you and your business.
Which means it might be time for you to look into hiring a copywriter.