7 Important Ways Copywriting Will Take Your Business From "Fizzle" To "Sizzle"

It's not uncommon to get asked what you do for a living. When I tell people I write copy, I usually hear something like, "Oh, that's interesting. We usually do that ourselves."
Sadly, doing it themselves means dumping it on whichever team member happens to be around.
At times it's the business owner using valuable time trying to slap together content.
Still other times I get asked, "Is there really a need for copywriters? I mean, anyone can write, right? How hard can it be?"
It isn't hard to write.
It IS hard to write in ways that will get you found and noticed.
It's even harder to write in ways that will make your business stand out and persuade people to choose you.
And it takes more than 15 minutes of effort to make it happen.
There’s a reason why copywriters exist. Actually, there are 3 solid reasons:
1. People don't know how to write effective copy in many different formats to generate sales.
2. People don't have time to research and create effective and persuasive copy/content.
3. Most people aren't very good writers. At least not when it comes to business and sales.
You're a skilled professional in your business. Freelance copywriters (the good ones) are skilled professionals in writing copy and content.
  • They know the latest trends and techniques to help attract and convert your audience.


  • Good copywriters know how to blend Search Engines, social media algorithms, and storytelling.


  • They know how to speak the language of your target audience, keeping it conversational and relevant.


Professional copywriting could be the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing your business has to ensure success.
Still not convinced?

Let's look at 7 ways a freelance copywriter can transform your business.


1. Adds Substance To The "Good Looks" Of Your Business

Fancy Website Pages Need Great Copywriting To Go With Them

Most businesses have no problem paying big bucks for a fancy new website. Beautiful pictures, buttons for every app, videos and animations galore.
And they can't figure out why no one is buying from them.

Customers are sort of like raccoons. You can attract them with shiny objects, but if there isn't anything for them to feast on, they'll move on.


Your copywriting has to match the glitter of your website and marketing. The content needs to live up to its dazzling surroundings. It needs to keep people’s attention and persuade them to stick around to find out more.
It needs to convince them you're the one that can deliver what they want or need.
That won't happen if your "shiny" website is full of typos, grammatical errors, or boring and confusing content.
A professional copywriter ensures your content matches the quality of your design.

2. Brings Out The Full Personality of Your Brand's Image

Your website copy or social media content is often the first thing customers see when discovering your brand.
  • Think of it like the first time you strike up a friendship with someone.


  • You look for their quirks, their passions, and values to shine through.


  • You watch to see if they're different in different places and situations.


  • The friendship only grows and lasts if you can trust them.


  • And trust comes only through consistency.
Great copywriting gives your potential customers that same experience.
Brand image is how your business presents itself to your audience. It affects the customer’s perception of your brand. It influences whether they buy from you or not.
Professional copywriters get to know you and your brand so they are best able to present that image through your copy. That content reflects your image through tone, language style, and relatability.
If your content is average, people will perceive your company to be average as well.
If your copy seems rushed, sloppy, and full of mistakes, customers will assume that's what they'll get with your products or services.
A good freelance copywriter looks at these factors. They take the time to research, and discover the best way to showcase your brand.


According to data from customerthermometer.com, 65% of people have an emotional bond with certain businesses.
But of those same people questioned, 40% of 18 to 24 year olds say they've NEVER had am emotional bond with a company.
Does it matter? You bet it does!
An article by Harvard Business Review shows that customers with an emotional bond are 50% more valuable to a brand. They spend more money, buy more frequently, and are willing to pay a higher price.
Writing content that states facts and features isn't going to make that connection.
Potential customers want to know what you can do for them.
Can you take away what pains them?
Can you make their dreams come true? Everything from looking younger to being the envy of the neighborhood with a perfect yard?
Your customers want to feel that you understand what they’re going through because you’ve been in their shoes before.
And you can create those connections through your brand story.
A professional copywriter can write your brand story in a way that connects with your audience on those emotional levels.
They build a genuine relationships between them and your brand.
A skillfully written brand story connects with potential customers, making them feel that you're the right choice.
When they feel that bond with you, they'll trust you.
Then they'll buy from you.
Great copywriters help you build that bond and convert it to sales.


Differentiating Yourself From Your Competition.  Standing out.
Consumers have a ton of choices. A quick Google search bring up several businesses offering the same products or services as you.
How do you get them to pick you over someone else?
Professional copywriting differentiates you from your competitors.
It's tough for a business owner to write in a way that makes you stand out.
You know all the ins and outs of your business.
You know the jargon.
You know the specifics of all the features and understand why they are so amazing.
But your target audience likely doesn't know about those things.
More importantly, they don't care about those things.
A freelance copywriter looks at your business from an outsider’s view.
They look at your strengths, the things that make your brand special. The things that make you different from your competition.
They analyze your market, your competitors, and can spot the gaps your business fills.
Then they deliver content in a way that shows the benefits of choosing your brand over another.
They deliver that message with concise, well-written, and dynamic content.
Content you might not think about because you’re too close to what you do.
And they do it in a language that's conversational and relates to your target audience.


Customers are funny. They go searching for products and services. They have reasons for wanting them.
But they have twice as many reasons why they won't pull the trigger and buy.
They're full of questions, fears, and objections.
A prime example is pricing. Some may feel what you offer is too expensive for their budget.
Others might think you won't deliver on the value you’ve promised after the sale.
If you can't address their fears and concerns, they won't be comfortable enough to buy to buy from you.
Great copywriting addresses customer objections by finding the right persuasive triggers.
They include:
  • Attention-catching headlines
  • Focusing on product/service benefits to create desire in prospects. They can "see" and feel the experience.
  • Providing prospects with enticing offers they can’t refuse or a sense of urgency.
  • Including customer reviews and testimonials in your copy to gain trust and confidence.
  • Creating a compelling call-to-action
  • Addressing objections with solutions
Professional copywriters understands the persona of your ideal customer. They know what drives them, what entices them, and what persuades them to take action.


We all know the purpose of copywriting is to convert website visitors into customers.
Your website is an important “virtual salesperson” for visitors.
But you have to get them there before you can convert them.
And they won't get to you if they don't know how to find you.
Worse yet, they might not even know you exist!
How do you drive targeted, organic visitors to your website?
You need to rank on Google and other Search Engines!
Professional copywriters are up-to-date with the latest SEO algorithms and techniques.
They know which keywords and phrases are being searched for by your target audience.
They know how to place the right amount of those keywords and phrases strategically into your copy.
They optimize those words in such a way that it sounds natural, conversational, and HUMAN. This keeps the search engine algorithms happy and increases your search ranking.
The higher your ranking, the easier it is for organic visitors to find your website.
And the more visitors you get, the more likely you are to generate sales and profit.


In an article written by evoluted.net, we see the upward trend for paid ads on social media sites and Google.
Costs have been on the rise due to the steady increase in businesses competing for ad space.
And with more businesses moving online due to Covid-19 changes, it will only get worse.
The number of bidders for ad space isn't the only factor for price. The relevancy of your content also affects advertising costs on each platform.
Both Google and Facebook have Scores to measure an ad's quality and relevancy.
The higher the score, the more your ad is shown to your audience.
Google places your ad in higher page rank, while Facebook shows your ad in the feeds of more consumers.
The more your ad is seen, the more clicks you’ll get with the same advertising budget. The more they click, the lower your Cost Per Click (CPC).
Let's say your CPC decreases from $1 per click to $0.10 per click. You could potentially save thousands in marketing spending depending!
Great copywriters craft relevant ads best suited for each platform. They know the nuances of each site and understand the audience in each place. They know how to write ads that bring you a higher return on your investment.
It's not hard to see why your business can benefit from hiring a quality freelance copywriter.
They save you time.
They know how to speak to your customers to keep them coming back for more.
They increase your sales and revenue.
And they do it whenever you need them, without having to worry about overhead costs.
Investing in professional copywriting is one of the most important things you can do if you want your business to grow and succeed.